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A compelling story of four individuals - Bushra, Rami, Meytal and Bassam - who overcome indescribable grief and trauma to embark on a courageous journey seeking mutual understanding. 

Sherene Hassan
Director Education & Community Engagement
Islamic Museum of Australia

A most beautiful piece of work - when that degree of empathy is on display it is truly a work of art and a thing of wonder that draws you right in.

Maurie Hasen
University Psychology Lecturer

The Narrow Bridge is an extraordinary accomplishment. Esther Takac and her protagonists take us on a complex, deeply moving journey – from darkness and despair, towards the glimmer of light and hope. Everyone should watch, hear, and reflect upon this powerful and inspiring film.

Alex Skovron
Poet, Writer, Editor

Profoundly moving and urgently important

Dr Jeremie Bracka

Minerva Centre for Human Rights
Hebrew University, Jerusalem

An incredible film - poetry in the subject matter, poetry in the filmmaking.

Neil Friedman

ChaiFlicks Streaming

We are still talking about The Narrow Bridge. What an exceptional achievement! Incredibly important and beautifully crafted.

Jonathan Kalman AO
Professor of Cardiology 
Royal Melbourne Hospital

Absolutely beautiful! Should be required viewing for anyone who professes an opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Simon Holloway

Head of Education

Jewish Holocaust Centre

Astonishing - A tour-de-force that must be seen the world over!

Frances Prince
Faith Communities Council and Jewish Christian Muslim Association

A searing insight into one of the world’s most intractable conflicts.  Through her lens as a trauma psychologist, director Esther Takac takes the audience on a captivating journey as we witness how pain can be a springboard toward empathy and a powerful tool for reconciliation.

John Lyndon

Executive Director

The Alliance for Middle East Peace

Very moving and well-told story of brave individuals pushing through pain - you managed the almost-impossible in the context of covering this conflict: Balance.

Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen

US Institute of Peace

What an incredible story you have told and what a wonderful production.

Ron Finkel AM 

Project Rozana

Simply outstanding. Sheer brilliance.

Brian Meltzer

Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce

A most incredible documentary - full of heart, angst and existential struggle but so very full of hope, warmth, connection and shared humanity.

Dr. Cathy Kezelman AM
Blue Knot Foundation - National Centre of Excellence for Trauma

…absolutely awesome, powerful, artistic, this is extraordinary.

Prof. Nathan Cherny
Cancer Pain and Palliative Care at Shaarei Zedek Hospital Jerusalem

A window of hope into one of the world’s toughest conflicts - should be essential viewing for all Israelis and Palestinians.

Richard Moore

Director of Melbourne International Film Festival and 
Brisbane International Film Festival  (2006 – 2016)

Inspirational story of courage and empathy
Courageous, moving and eloquent film.

Estelle Rozinski

Artist, Curator, Educator

Wonderful movie - engaging and thought-provoking - I hope it garners many awards.

Robyn Bavarti

Award Winning Author

I was deeply moved by The Narrow Bridge. It’s an excellent film and I hope as many people as possible see it.

Gary Samovitch

Community Leader

Unbelievably wonderful film – an outstanding achievement
and contribution.

Katy Meltzer

Clinical Psychologist
Alfred Health

Imbued with artistic sensitivities - the film left a huge impact on me. Cannot stop thinking about it.

Lilach Milakowski

Award Winning Artist

The Narrow Bridge is truly exceptional. Very moving and an important film. Make sure you don’t miss it. An extraordinary achievement.

Dr Anna Mlynek-Kalman
Director and Music Education Consultant

The people featured have a burden I would have thought is unbearable and yet they found a way to extract hope from hopelessness, strength from gut reeling tragedy and bridge-building where none should be possible.

Harold Zwier
Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA)

An extraordinary film - so beautiful, moving and nuanced, so sad yet ultimately hopeful.

Dr Railea Abraams
General Practitioner

I found tears rolling down my cheeks - it left me and I'm certain others as well, examining and challenging myself with difficult questions yet the sort that we have to confront in the pursuit of peace.

Vera Hasen
Registered Conflict Resolution Practitioner

The Narrow Bridge is a powerful nuanced and unforgettable film.  An impactful experience to watch and sit with – beautifully scripted, tightly constructed, balanced, never exploitative or gratuitous.

Michaela Kalowski
Interviewer, Moderator, Curator

Brilliant film. Important, very moving, beautifully made.

Tomi Kalinski
Musician, Performer, Teacher

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