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THE NARROW BRIDGE is receiving strong and positive responses from media around the world.

Please find a selection of this media below.


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Putting together the peaces

May 19, 2024

"Synthesising her experiences and drawing on her own funds, Takac has made a film about Israelis and Palestinians who have suffered unendurable losses, but have chosen not to seek vengeance, but to campaign jointly for peace."

Read more by opening a PDF version of the article below.

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Power in Empathy

March 23-24, 2024

"A film by a Melbourne-based trauma psychologist amplifies the lived experience of those who choose respect over revenge."

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Our Storytellers on Screen, Stage, and in Print!

March 1, 2024

"Wow, what a roller coaster of emotion the film takes us on. We need to make a commitment to get it seen by as many people as possible."

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The Narrow Bridge Review

May 2023

"Profoundly moving – you will shed tears for what they have suffered, and even more tears to see the beautiful friendships that have formed against the odds…"

"…a documentary that resonates for some time after the final frames, and as devastatingly sad as it is, the filmmaker’s message is one of hope."

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A Narrow Bridge over a very broad abyss

Summer 2023

"An extraordinary documentary about healing….let us fervently hope that THE NARROW BRIDGE helps in even a small way to get us over the gaping abyss"

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A film about trauma and triumph in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

May 16, 2023

"A poignant and eye-opening journey into the heart of trauma, healing and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…. complexity and nuance on human nature and the evolution through PTSD to Post-traumatic growth…."

"By presenting a range of perspectives and experiences, The Narrow Bridge challenges viewers to consider their own assumptions and biases"

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The Narrow Bridge Director Ester Takac Talks About Documenting Immense Bravery in This Interview

May 15, 2023

"Profoundly humanist documentary…..Esther Takac, a trauma psychologist, earned the trust of the participants and lets them tell their stories. Facing opposition not only from each of their cultures but sometimes from friends and family, the participants’ commitment to reconciliation and peace is inspiring and honours those they have lost in a beautifully hopeful way.

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The Narrow Bridge - Documentary Review

May 2023

"In a conflict that seems unsolvable, these are four people who have decided to walk the narrow bridge towards reconciliation and create a movement of understanding and peace….Book early to see The Narrow Bridge as it has the markings of being sold out."

Read more here.

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Boston Israeli Film Festival Highlights, Complexities & Diversity

March 20, 2023

"REMARKABLE! First-time documentarian Esther Takac showcases four bereaved families on opposite sides of the (Israeli-Palestinian) conflict. The Australian-born Takac deploys her experience as a trauma psychologist to great effect, eliciting poignant and deep testimonies from her subjects.”

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The Narrow Bridge Review

February 1, 2023

"THE NARROW BRIDGE is an amazing film about what could be once people come together. It is compelling and needs to be seen by all war-torn nations."

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Documentary places lens on transformation from grief to reconciliation documentary features Israelis, Palestinians who have lost family to conflict

January 14, 2023

"Takac brings her own lens as a trauma psychologist to the film, eliciting powerful thoughts and emotions from Aramin, Elhanan, Meytal and Bushra - she tries to understand how her subjects were able to make the switch from anger, rage and blame to a desire to understand and resolve their impossibly complex feelings."

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How a Group of Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians Made a Trauma Psychologist Hopeful

December 27, 2022

"Esther Takac’s powerful new documentary “The Narrow Bridge” shows us what we can learn from the ones who have the most reason to hate: the bereaved relatives of victims of the conflict."


poignant universal messages... 

without any marketing or a significant presence on social media – the film is winning awards – the quality has spoken for itself."

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New documentary features Israelis, Palestinians who have lost family to conflict

December 20, 2022

"In order to have any hope of eventual peace, both sides must be able to see both the pain and the humanity of the other."

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"many have already been moved by the message of the documentary."

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The 42nd San Francisco Jewish Film Festival Wraps 10 Days of Electrifying Live Cinema in the Bay Area

August 27, 2022

"Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature was shared between The Narrow Bridge by Esther Takac and Repairing the World: Stories from the Tree of Life by Patrice O’Neill."

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Israelis, Palestinians unite in grief, hope in new doco

March 14, 2022

"New documentary The Narrow Bridge, by psychologist and author Esther Takac, which Chaiflicks co-founder Neil Friedman called “an incredible film”."

Read more here.


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The Narrow Bridge - Interview with Esther Takac

May 20, 2023

The Narrow Bridge director Esther Takac spoke with expert critic Greg King about her film.

Listen here.

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The "When Life Gives You Demons..." Edition

Bushra, Rami, Bassam and Meytal … have sadness of infinite depth and they all of them found their way to this movement where people share their grief with folks on the other side and alchemise it into something astonishing and powerful and positive and beautiful. The movie is directed by psychologist, writer and filmmaker Esther Takac."

January 19, 2023

Listen here.


Umbrellas up at massive TLV protest; West Bank warnings

January 15, 2023

"Australian psychologist Esther Takac turned own lens as a trauma psychologist on four grieving family members, two Palestinian, two Israeli and exposes their trauma and healing process – trying to understand how people can take thoughts of revenge and pain and make it into something positive."

"really fascinating watch - I highly recommend it."

Listen here.

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The Narrow Bridge examines turning grief into reconciliation

December 2, 2022

"THE NARROW BRIDGE director, Melbourne-based Esther Takac, spoke with KAN's Mark Weiss about the film."

Listen here.

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Yair Shamir & Noa Cacherel, Esther Takac, Yair Qedar

March 3, 2022

"Writer, director and producer of the film 'The Narrow Bridge' psychologist Esther Takac speaks about her film, which is a searching journey into the souls of four people who, after searing pain, develop strengths they never had before."

Listen here.

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Esther Takac about her film, "The Narrow Bridge", from devastating trauma to courageous activism (Hebrew)

February 24, 2022

"The movie explores the emotional journeys of four people who, after profound pain, develop strengths they never had before."

Listen here.


Take a moment to watch some of the Q&A discussions that have taken place at film festivals following screenings of THE NARROW BRIDGE.

SPOKANE Q&A Media Banner.png
Narrow Bridge Boston Israeli Film Festival Q&A Banner.png

Click the above images to watch.

The Narrow Bridge Q&A with Esther Takac | New York Jewish Film Festival 2023

Available to be watched here.

"A window of hope into one of the world's toughest conflicts - should be essential viewing for all Israelis and Palestinians"

Richard Moore
Director of Melbourne International Film Festival and Brisbane International Film Festival (2006-2016)
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