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"The national unity government that came to power in Israel in June 2021... has now collapsed and is being replaced by the most far-right coalition in Israel’s history.”


Pulitzer prize journalist, Thomas Friedman
New York Times
4 Nov 2022 

After documenting their pain and their hope for many years filmmaker Esther Takac has an ongoing connection with Rami, Bushra, Meytal and Bassam.  She reached out to them in November 2022 to hear their thoughts about the new government and how it may impact their work.


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Sadly many of the concerns voiced by Meytal, Bassam, Rami and Bushra are already coming to pass. There has been an upsurge in Israeli - Palestinian violence and an emboldening of extremists on both sides. Their work for Israeli - Palestinian understanding and conflict resolution is at risk. 


"Joint Israeli-Palestinian Bereavement NGO Is the Education Ministry’s New Target."


Haaretz, 27.1.2023

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 10.10_edited.jpg

"Profoundly moving and urgently important"

Dr Jeremie Bracka
Minerva Centre for Human Rights
Hebrew University, 
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