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As a Social Impact film, we are developing a program to promote awareness and positive change around breaking down stereotypes, people to people peacebuilding and post traumatic growth. THE NARROW BRIDGE shows how people develop strengths after trauma and offers a model of reconciliation for people in conflict and trauma situations.

The Building Bridges program allows the film and associated resources to be used as a powerful social change tool around the world (and specifically in Israel and the Palestinian Territories) by community groups, NGO’s, adult, university and high school education centres.  In fact the Building Bridges program is already being used by universities - for example see below.  It will leverage the documentary, and its educational resources, to reduce demonisation and stereotypes, increase empathy for the other and develop pathways to conflict resolution and reconciliation.


With the recent election in Israel and the new ultra-right government we stand on a precipice that could see a slide towards violence (sadly already happening) or, alternatively, the opening of a new chapter where the cynicism of politicians is resisted.  These bereaved Palestinians and Israelis provide exactly the sort of moral clarity and hope very much needed at this time.

The screening of the film at a range of international film festivals, theatres and broadcasters, and our partnerships with significant global organisations including The Alliance for Middle East Peace, Combatants for Peace, Plus61J Media, Kids4Peace all amplify the impact of the film.

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Promote intercultural understanding and develop our ability to understand the story and pain of those different to us 

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Reduce general negative stereotyping, and specifically about Muslims and Palestinians, Jews and Israelis

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Develop awareness of the possibility of post traumatic growth 


Provide trauma related organisations and professionals a resource package (including the film and educational material) that increases knowledge around the effects of trauma and fosters post traumatic growth

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Offer an innovative model of reconciliation and conflict resolution 


Develop awareness of the power of people-to-people peace building programs 

Provide an education resource for organisations working with conflict 

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Nurture hope for a just and secure future for
Palestinians and Israelis

Demonstrate how Israeli-Palestinian people-to-people peace building programs create significant positive change

Build support for Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families and develop their power to foster understanding and conflict resolution

Provide an advocacy tool for social and political change 

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Social change at universities

The Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement, Denison University, Ohio recently screened the film with a Q & A with the director Esther Takac.


"We were extremely fortunate at Denison University to be able to screen Esther Takac's deeply thought-provoking film, The Narrow Bridge, followed by a discussion with the director. In contrast to one-sided, purely political narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this film humanizes the conflict, illustrating in a hopeful way the power of grassroots movements to bridge divides and bring people together. Our students found the film riveting, and it aligned perfectly with Denison's desire to help students think in new ways about dialogue across difference and conflict resolution."

Dr. Adam Davis
Director of the Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement
Denison University


"The evening was really a terrific success. The students were tracking with your answers in the Q & A. They were right there with you. From my perspective it really hit my goals for the programming we have at Denison around Israel Palestine. I'm very interested in introducing students to other conflict resolution approaches. I want to help them transcend the idea that the only way to solve conflicts is to figure out who the bad guy is and punish them. Your film helps them develop a deeper moral imagination."

Bethany Slater
Associate Professor
Denison University

Denison University Lisska Center Logo .png

Please support our Social Impact program.  All donations through Documentary Australia Foundation are tax deductible. Click here to contribute.

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If you would like to be involved with our Social Impact program we are looking for people with skills in a range of different areas and would love to hear from you!  

Join our journey and help tell this important story.  Please visit our contact page by clicking here.

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